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Logo of Blaze Gym in Highams Park, London

We have a variety of state-of-the-art gym equipment at BLAZE Gym in Highams Park, London. Here are some helpful demo videos for our gym members.

Intro to Assisted

Chin-Dip Machine

Assisted Pull-Up Demo

Assisted Tricep Dip Demo

Hack Squat Demo

V Squat Demo

(Reverse Hack Squat)

Glute Drive

Hip Thrust Demo

Chest Press

Flat Press Demo

Chest Press

High Press Demo

Full Back Row Machine  Mid-Row Demo

Full Back Row Machine  High-Row Demo

Preacher Bench

Bicep Demo

Preacher Bench

Tricep Demo

Lat Pulldown

Best Practices

Smith Machine as Squat or Power Rack

Rowing Machine Demo Best Practices

Kinesis Low Pull Demo

Kinesis High Pull Demo

Kinesis Core Demo

 Kinesis Overhead Press Shoulder Demo

Kinesis Abs-Crunch

Kinesis Chest Press Demo

Kinesis Deadlift Demo

Kinesis Incline Press Demo

Kinesis Stepper Demo

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